A New Day a New Choice

A New Day a New Choice

A new day a new choice

If you are reading this, then you have been given life for another new day. What will you do with it?

Each precious day is another chance to draw closer to God, but these are choices we must make. God is patient and waits upon our awakening to His love and guidance. Our decisions will affect our eternity beyond this life and it’s in our best interest to make Him our primary focus today and every day thereafter.

Being omnipotent means that God is in total control of himself and his creation.

And when I look at a luminous sunset or an electrical storm at sea, I’m reminded of the power and beauty of God’s creativity. However, if we were to try and describe God’s attributes, we would be limiting Him to our standards and also, our limited vocabulary….not to mention, our limited knowledge of how He sees life. For a God that can see the past, present and future, our understanding of His ways dwarf in our limited third and second-dimensional world. For the longest time, we couldn’t see beyond our solar system, while God see’s the smallest detail in the many galaxies we have yet to discover.

And yet, He tells us of His love for us daily and in many ways. How fortunate for us, as we bloched it at the very beginning. But still, He draws us to Him and has grafted us into His heavenly family.

Omnipresence means that since God’s power and knowledge extend to all parts of his creation, he himself is present everywhere. Together they define God’s lordship, and they yield a rich understanding of creation, providence, and salvation.    Amen